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table of contents

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Table of Contents
1.    Expectations/Reasons Assignment – This assignment allowed me to communicate my reasons and motivation for enrolling in this course.  The feedback I received helped me improve my writing (I need to avoid run on sentences) and let me know that I was in the right course!
2.    Project Proposal – After completing the brainstorming steps in class, I was able to pinpoint my topic areas of time management and technology for my project.  By writing out my proposal I was able to communicate my initial ideas and reasoning for choosing my topic.
3.    Research Project Calculator – This resource allowed me to understand how to think about a large project and divide into smaller, more manageable steps.  By taking this dauting task of creating a term long project and seeing how it can be broken down, it alleviated a lot of stress and made my workload much more manageable.
4.    Peer Feedback Coordination – This was probably the most difficult assignment for me.  It was hard for me to really put myself out there and ask for and accept feedback from my peers.  I learned a lot though because I was able to think of my project from new and interesting angles.  
5.    Powerpoint for my Presentation – I needed help learning how to use powerpoint so I was able to schedule a one-to-one meeting with a peer coach.  My peer coach helped me learn how to start a new presentation, how best to display the content and gave me some great presentation advice!
6.    Peer Feedback Questionnaires – I developed this evaluation for my classmates to be able to give me constructive criticism about my presentation.  I learned a lot about my own presentation skills and the strengths and weaknesses of my presentation topic.
7.    Self-Evaluation – Answering a series of questions, after I completed my presentation, allowed me to gain some important insight into how much I have really grown and learned over the duration of this course.  
8.    Final Perspective Paper – Writing this paper allowed me to really examine the journey I took from the beginning of the course till where I am now. I still have goals for my own academic success skills but I am much better off than when I first started the course.  I also have a clear path to how I can continue to grow.
9.    Works Cited Page – I used man y valuable resources while developing my project.  I have included those resources in MLA format at the end of this portfolio.

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