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Final Project - Portfolio

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Here are the rules of your final project:


1. Needs to be in an organized binder or folder

2.Table of Contents (Annotated with your thoughts on each part) see here for an example

3. Expectations Graded Assignment

4. Proposal Graded Assignment

5. RPC Print out with your notes

6. Peer Feedback Coordination Graded Assignment

7. Printed Powerpoint (choose 3 slides per page handouts)

8. Your Peer Feedback Questionnaires, completed by each audience participant

9. Your Self-Evaluation

10. Final 2-3 page paper reflecting on your experience in this course and your goals for academic success

11. Works Cited Page at the end (MLA format)



**Grades will be determined by meeting the guidelines above AND the quantity and quality of the work provided.

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