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1 credit lab

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    The purpose of this study is to provide an extended individualized lab experience for students enrolled in the study group, Enhancing the Academic Eye.  The focus of the 1 credit study is to supplement the content of the study group with the students utilizing web-based resources and materials provided by the instructor to more deeply explore an area of academic success suited to the student's interests and needs.  As with the study group, movement from basic to more advanced development of both the mindset and skill sets needed to think critically and engage in sophisticated analysis of academic issues are the key desired learner outcomes of the study.

    All materials for the course will be available via links and downloadable documents send either via e-mail from the instructor and on the website - http://academiceye.pbworks.com/. Students will be asked to actively engage in using these web based resources to expand their understanding of their academic studying strategies, learning styles, goal setting, perspectives on success/failure, organization and research skills. Students will also be asked to apply strategies to their other academic coursework and to engage in academic research.


Individual appointments – Students will meet with the instructor at least 2 times during the term. The first meeting needs to occur midway through the term and should be at least an hour in length.  The final appointment should happen within the last two weeks of the term and should last between 30 minutes to an hour. (25% of final course grade)

Lab Project - Students will meet with the course instructor and discuss what they have been learning in the study group. Together, the instructor and student will develop a project plan based on the area(s) of interest/needs the student has identified through the study group.  The topic should not replicate nor replace the work of the study group.  Rather, the lab project should be an additional research and resource effort on the part of the student. Students will work with the instructor to identify appropriate webbased academic skills resources for self-analysis and also be provided with additional readings and resources in order to complete the lab project.

The final lab project should be type written and can be completed in MSWord or other word-processing software (saved as a Word compatible document, RTF or PDF). It should be submitted to the instructor via e-mail.  The paper will be 5-6 pages in length and follow the outline below:

Introduction to Topic
- What it is and why it is important to me

Research on Topic
- Self-analysis in relation to topic
- Academic Research on topic.

Strategies for Improvement
- Discussion of a specific action plan for how you have personalized what you have learned about the topic
- Discussion of a specific evaluation of the action plan you have developed

- Versus a traditional conclusion, the final part of this project is a letter to other ESC students discussing the topic and how it can help them with their academic success

(75% of final course grade)

    The student will be evaluated on the completion of all assignments and engagement in the learning process.  Evaluation will be based on the student’s ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the assigned and researched materials.  All verbal and written activities will be evaluated by the instructor for their scope, content, and clarity of ideas.  Both written and verbal ideas must be focused and fully developed in order to achieve credit.  The student must demonstrate an ability to research using web-based and library resources. In order to get timely feedback and to fully engage in the learning process, assignments must be submitted in a timely manner throughout the term and not all at the end of the term.

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