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Journal 5  Individial Assignment

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For this journal you will need to work closely with the instructor to develop a unique assignment that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.


As of 4/4/11 here are some ideas...


1. Review past graded/corrected writing assignments from this class and others.  Is there any feedback that repeats itself?  How does reviewing this information help you prepare to improve your future writing assignments?  How comfortable are you with reviewing the "red ink" i.e. do you take constructive criticsm well?  (As always don't feel you should answer each of these questions in this exact order, just think about the questions I asked to get your brainstorm going!)


2. Submit your final paper to smarthinking.com and send me the feedback and the two versions of your paper (before and after using the smarthinking feedback to improve your paper).  No additional writing is needed, I will grade you based on how well you made corrections based on the smarthining feedback.


3. See the attached goal setting booklet.  Answer the questions and then write your journal essay based on all or some of your responses.


Goal Booklet.docx

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