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Critical Thinking

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 For this study group, we are going to discuss critical thinking, bloom's taxonomy and strategies to improve your reading and thinking skills. 


Before this study group, students should view the powerpoint from the A+ Student Strategies workshop.  Be familiar with the content of this powerpoint, make notes where you want more information (i.e. where the powerpoint slide is not sufficient in explaining what is going on in the slide).  Access the powerpoint here  (the powerpoint will be on the right side of the screen, more information on reading, critical thinking and study tips are on the left side)


check your understanding of:



Learning Process

     What is input?

     What is understanding?

     What is analysis?

     What is evaluation?

     What is output?





Bloom's Taxonomy


In class we will also discuss:


The Learning Process


Using the W Questions:

What, who, where, why, and how


On your own you should:


Tour the Pro/Con site that does a critical review of a current issue, and this will introduce you to a model of how to think critically about this site and do academic research.


 Here are some of the sources that are useful:


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